Vaclav Machac


Developed quite distinctly from the main expressive tendencies is the work of Václav Machač. Born in 1945, he continues to create his sculptures as an isolated solitary artist, but in his expression he complements the plethora of essentially sculptural approaches in modern glassmaking. He uses the technique, now somewhat neglected by other artists, of blowing glass into a mould taken from a sculpted model. This technique, which already has in the essence of the method of forming glass a dramatic character and a naturalistic expression, is further accented by raw interventions with a cutter. An exceptional whole thus emerges with a very emotional tone. Thematically, he remains faithful to the motif of the horse head. In their expression we find enchantment with beauty, harmony, freedom and the strength of dynamic motion, which is a personal perception of this creature, man’s companion from time immemorial. They are, however, endowed also with moments of painful loss. Similarly emotive are his twisted faces of boxers.

Despite his isolated character in the spectrum of contemporary Czech glass production, the sculptures of Václav Machač remain a constant proof of the unique expressive possibilities of glass in the sense of the mutual harmony of form and content of the work.

Machac’s work has been exhibited in collections throughout Europe and the United States, including Arts and Craft Museum, Prague, Czech Republic; Arts and Craft Museum, Hamburg, Germany; Arts and Craft Museum, Budapest, Hungary; and The Corning Museum of Glass, New York, United States.