Davide Salvadore


A descendant of a long line of glassworkers, Davide Salvadore has lived on the Venetian island of Murano since he was born in 1953. At a very early age, he followed his grandfather, Antonio, and his grandfather's friend - the respected maestro Alfredo Barbini - into the island's world-famous glass factories.

As a youth, Davide assisted at several prestigious glass houses, including Venini and Barovier & Toso, before joining his mother in the family business of designing and selling glass jewelry. In 1987, Salvadore founded his own studio on Murano, which he continues to operate today. Using equipment he designed and built himself, he creates passionately expressive one-of-a-kind sculptures that push the boundaries of centuries-old traditions.

Salvadore is founding member of Centro Studio Vetro(1996-2003), an international non-profit organization devoted to cultivating and promoting the appreciation of Murano's famous glass art. He shares his passion for glass with students in courses and workshops throughout the world.